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Luísa Sobral + Lucia Fumero + Rita Payés

Paral·lel 62 20/07

These young women have become musical references for new generations of jazz and song fans. They're forever involved in projects such as the one that now brings them together on stage.

You may have already been lucky enough to hear vocalist and pianist Lucia Fumero and vocalist and trombonist Rita Payés at the Teatre Grec during the last Mercè festival. This multi-talented duo breathes harmony on stage. While they have their own careers as soloists and band leaders, they’re always willing to test their musical range with other artists who can challenge them. That is why they have enthusiastically agreed to add their voices and musical talents to those of Luisa Sobral, a Portuguese singer and songwriter who is particularly well known as the creator of Amar pelos dois, which was performed by her brother Salvador at Eurovision in 2017. Luisa is much more than a one-hit wonder and has enjoyed a long career that began in 2003. With voice, guitar and sometimes harp, she performs music in genres ranging from alternative to pop, jazz and soul. At the end of 2022, Luísa released DanSando, a work full of bright songs about love.

With her is Lucia Fumero, the daughter of Argentine jazz double bass player Horacio Fumero who performs in a register somewhere between jazz and folk on albums such as Universo normal (2020). A very good friendship and many shared artistic interests unite her with trombonist Rita Payés, daughter of guitarist Elisabeth Roma. Perhaps you know her from the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, where she began her musical career, or you may have heard her play with Joan Chamorro, Ignasi Terraza, Josep Traver and Esteve Pi. Her albums include renowned works such as Como la piel (2021). In 2022 was involved in Salt Mortal, a collaboration with singer and guitarist Pol Battle.

A production from No sonoras

Artistic card

Music performed by: Luisa Sobral (vocals, guitar), Lucia Fumero (vocals, piano), Rita Payés (vocals, trombone). Sound: Rui Guerreiro. Lighting: Nuno Salsinha. Executive production: Locomotiva Azul.

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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules 20 July, 9.00 pm

Space Paral·lel 62

Price 20 €

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