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Mal Pelo

Double Infinite. The Bluebird Call

Teatre Nacional de Catalunya - Sala Petita 01/07 - 09/07

The co-directors of one of the great companies on the contemporary dance scene reunite on stage thirty years on to reflect on identity and the need to pursue impossible dreams.

The Malpelo company, founded 34 years ago, has brought together the talent of Pep Ramis and María Muñoz, creators of works of shared authorship that use their artistic language of movement and dramaturgy with text, original soundtracks and live music, complemented by intelligent use of scenography, light, and video. With these elements, they take to the stage and share the limelight, many years after they first did so, presenting the choreography Double Infinite. The Bluebird Call, inspired by fragility, simplicity, and a love of the stage. The themes of identity, the individual, and the body are explored in the piece, which takes place in a bare space in which lighting, objects, and sound speak to us of changes and mutations, and where the precision of gesture and rhythm, as well as the intensity of movement, are fundamental elements.

According to the company, the piece is about "the need to imagine and pursue impossible realities, to build a fiction that reveals the importance of inventing the future and projecting it beyond the predictable." This fantasy is an act of rebellion against a reality that seems immutable, and “against the structures that build us as individuals and as a society.” As a result, the body becomes a tool for questioning the world around us and plays a transformative role.

Mal Pelo is one of the most prominent dance companies in the history of the Grec Festival in Barcelona, where they have presented productions since 1997 (La calle del imaginero).  Inventions (Grec 2020) and Tots els noms (2022)are among the most recent works they have brought to the festival.

A co-production of the Grec 2023 Festival de Barcelona, Mal Pelo, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Théâtre de la Ville (París), Temporada Alta, Teatre Principal de Palma y El Canal, Centre d’arts Escèniques Salt-Girona-Catalunya.

With the support of the Festival de Otoño de Madrid, Théâtre Garonne (Toulouse)

In cooperation with L'animal a l'esquena. 

Artistic card

Author: Mal Pelo. Director and performer: María Muñoz, Pep Ramis.Direction collaboration: Leo Castro. Sound space: Fanny Thollot. Musical collaboration and live performance: Quiteria Muñoz (soprano), Joel Bardolet (violin), Bruno Hurtado (violone). Lighting: August Viladomat and Luis Martí. Sound technician: Andreu Bramon. Stage design: Pep Ramis, Adrià Miserachs. Costumes: Carme Puigdevall i Plantés. Production: Mamen Juan-Torres. Managment and administration: Gemma Massó. Distribution: AnSó. Raybaut-Pèrés / Agente129. Photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín

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Dates and schedules Saturday 1/7 - 19:00 H Sunday 2/7 - 18:00 H Wednesday 5/7 - 19:00 H Thursday 6/7 - 19:00 H Friday 7/7 - 19:00 H Saturday 8/7 - 19:00 H Sunday 9/7 - 18:00 H

Space Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Duration 90 min

Price 24 €

Other criteria Coproduction

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