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Malalts del cel · Sisa

The last record of Jaume Sisa, at stage

Teatre Grec 20/07

A celebration of the musical world of singer-songwriter Jaume Sisa. A concert by a series of guests who admire this musical maestro, where they will perform songs from his latest album, which has never been performed live.

Some figures from the Seventies’ music scene in Catalonia have managed to travel through time to become more than heroes from the distant past; they are modern musicians who can make direct, real connections on stage with today’s biggest artists. This is the case of Jaume Sisa, a singer-songwriter who released his first record (Orgia) in 1971 and has since created legendary albums such as Qualsevol nit pot sortir el sol (1975) and Sisa & Melodrama (1980). Today, Sisa (a kind of musical Pessoa who has gone by heteronyms that include Ricardo Solfa, Ventura Mestres and Armando Llamado) continues to be the galactic singer-songwriter par excellence, but a galaxy of artists have been influenced by his style and now want to pool their talent with that of their hero.

They will star in an evening full of familiar names from various generations. They will perform the songs from Malalts del cel, an album Jaume Sisa released in 2016, which has never been performed live. A series of artists as galactic as Sisa himself will perform on his behalf: musicians from younger generations who have been inspired by his musical legacy.
An unmissable galactic party for everyone!

A Grec 2022 Festival de Barcelona and TRESC - Comunitat de Cultura co-production.
In collaboration with Fina Estampa and TBC Produccions.

Artistic card

Stage director: Ignasi Duarte, Music director: Gregori Ferrer, Performed by: Gregori Ferrer (piano, accordion) Aleix Puig (violin, serra) Carola Ortiz (clarinet, bass clarinet) Marta Roma (cello) Amaia Miranda (guitar) Gemma Abrié (double bass), Pinyu Martí (drums), Guest artists: Maria Arnal, Julio Bustamante, David Carabén, Joan Garriga, Guillem Gisbert, Queralt Lahoz, La Ludwig Band, Roger Mas, Quimi Portet, Tarta Relena, Marina Rossell, Maria Rodés, Tronco, amongsts others

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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Wednesday 20/7 - 22:00 H

Space Teatre Grec

Price 30 €

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