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Mariantònia Oliver

Las muchísimas

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Maria Aurèlia Capmany29/07 - 30/07

They are neither disguised nor do they interpret any role other than their own ... Seventeen women between 62 and 76 years old take part in a choreographic experiment with a foot in real life and another on stage, challenging the conventions of dance.

It is not the first time that Mariantonia Oliver's company faces such a show. In fact, this is an enlarged and improved version of a first show that became known for its uniqueness. She brought women between the ages of 70 and 87 who, when moving their bodies on stage and talking about their own lives, came up with a generational fresco, a photograph showing the joys and sadness, sweetness and scars that revealed not only their lives but those of so many women of their time. The show, which was called Las Muchas, was seen in cities such as Bristol, Lubjiliana, Madrid, A Coruña, Seoul, Barcelona, Valladolid or Bilbao, always with women entering and leaving the cast by an ongoing exchange of protagonists that has ended up leading to the current show. Now, Mariantònia Oliver wants to dedicate a second show to all these women of different ages and backgrounds. Once again, she has invited them to explore their bodies without any complex, ignoring whatever norms are expected in a choreographic and theatrical show. Actually, before joining Oliver, none of these women had ever danced professionally, or had entered a theater more than as a spectator. Now these seventeen women (nine from Catalonia, four from Mallorca and four from Slovenia) are protected by a sound space created by the indie folk artist Joana Gomila, who has had the collaboration of Jaume Manresa, former member of the group Antònia Font.

A production of Teatre Principal de Palma de Mallorca

With the collaboration of EiMA Creació, PTL Dance Theater Ljubljana, Elclimamola and L’Animal a l’esquena.

Performances within the 2019 Grec festival programme hold the support of the brand Tena Silhouette.

Artistic card

Direction and choreography: Mariantònia Oliver Interpretation: Maria Lluïsa Cerezo, Dolores Vives, Maria Àngels Cunill, Teresa Barceló, Estrella Freixas, Rosa Capdevila, Margarita Nicuesa Tejedor, Margarita Oferil, Montse Colomé (Catalonia); Antònia Garau, Mona Belizán, Catalina Rodagut, Elisa Santos (Mallorca); Maja Cucnic, Barbara Gortnar, Metoda Parlic, Maja Musevic (Slovenia) Assistant to direction: Montse Colomer Costume and scenic space: Mariantònia Oliver Lighting design: Conrado Parodi Sound space: Joana Gomila Collaboration in sound space: Jaume Manresa Sound technician: Juanro Campos Rigger: Tans Gamell Assistance in Mallorca: Mona Belizán Assistance in Slovenia: Ana Pandur Executive production and rehearsals: Gràcia Moragues Production: Marine Budin (Elclimamola)


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Las Muchisimas
Las Muchisimas
Las Muchisimas
Las Muchisimas
Las Muchisimas
Las Muchisimas


Discipline Dance

Dates and schedules Monday 29/7 - 20:00 H Tuesday 30/7 - 20:00 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration60 min

LanguageCatalà i anglès

Price 18 €

Directed toPassions

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