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Marina Fueyo

The weak side

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor 24/07 - 25/07

Motherhood as a symbol of a perpetual union capable of transcending the end of existence is one of the central themes of the choreography that won the Institut del Teatre 2022 Dance Prize.

The choreographer Marina Fueyo created Toys in the Attic (T.I.T.A.) in 2020, a piece that was her final degree project. It was to be the first part of a trilogy, Dear Cassandra, united by the same vision of life as a tight and agonizing space. In that first choreography, the author placed her protagonists in a space where she simulated life, simplified and schematized, and subjected them to the incomprehension, expectation and loneliness of which human beings are victims. In the piece with which she has won this year's prize, the second of the trilogy, the choreographer goes back to the moments before the creation of this simplified existence portrayed in Toys in the Attic and, in The weak side, she speaks to us about everything that precedes the acquisition of our consciousness: creation, uncertainty and separation from what is our own. Among the themes on which Marina Fueyo speaks to us with the language of dance, motherhood, understood as the relationship with a being to whom life has been given, a bond so strong that it is capable of transcending the agony of life, the end of this existence, the fragility of which gives the title to the show.

Marina Fueyo received the Institut del Teatre 2022 Dance Award from a jury of dance and performing art experts, professional choreographers, and Institut del Teatre members. This prize aims to support young artists and performers' work to promote the professionalisation of their talents. The winning project in each edition receives economic support for the production and the possibility of exhibiting the choreography in a professional context, such as that offered by the Grec Festival, Barcelona.

A Grec 2023 Festival de Barcelona and Theatre Institute of Barcelona co-production.

Winner of the Theatre Institute of Barcelona Dance Award 2022.

With the support of L’Estruch. Living Arts Lab (Sabadell); Fabra i Coats - Creation Factory and El Graner, Creation Centre.

Artistic card

Choreography and direction: Marina Fueyo Rodríguez. Performers: Laia Camps Moll, Martí Forcada Llos, Marina Fueyo Rodríguez, Vera Palomino Patilla, David Santana Méndez. Sound Design: Lois Búa Sambad, Rodrigo Rammsy. Set, lighting and technician coordination: Alba Paituví García. Costumes: Manuel Mateos Paz. Animation: Manuel Herreras. Direction assistance: Guillem Jiménez. Production: Rita Stivala.

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Dance

Dates and schedules 24 and 25 July, at 9 pm

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration 50 min

Price 18 €

Other criteria Coproduction IT Awards

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