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Pablo Messiez

Teatre Akadèmia | 04/07 - 08/07

An everyday story, full of light and poetry, about a woman unable to speak who has just moved to a new apartment in the centre of the city. A neighbour and a concierge will combat her loneliness by sharing their stories with her.

They say that more than a playwright and director, Pablo Messiez, the Argentine author of this theatre piece, is an audience charmer. This is not surprising since his montages are especially personal, they don’t come from the usual sources and they focus on subjects taken from a new perspective which always shines the spotlight on the least obvious point. His works are filled with poetry that escapes all pretence and which, as in this case, sometimes caresses the viewer’s soul and sometimes ... scratches it. The protagonists of this story may be defeated beings, broken and apparently hollow, but they still maintain a light of hope inside. Muda, a title that makes reference to both the obstinate silence of the protagonist as well as to her change of address, explains the story of Anna, a woman who arrives, silently, to her new home in the centre of the city. She wants to meet her older sister, the unknown relative that her mother talked so much about before she recently died. Here she meets a concierge, a lonely and wounded man who longs for what he had but has no longer and who takes refuge in alcohol and has a rope ready to hang himself with when he decides to do so. Meanwhile, however, he talks to the newcomer, establishing a dialogue with the silence similar to that which occurs in a psychiatrist’s office. On the top floor lives Flor, a woman who thinks she is sophisticated but who is vulgar and annoying, who feigns a happiness that she does not have and who, in order not to think about what she lacks, talks endlessly, lest the silence drag her to sadness.

This production was a great success in Madrid a few years ago and is written by an author whose career spans more than twenty years. At the beginning of this year, Messiez directed his work, El temps que estiguem junts, in the Teatre Lliure, performed by young members of La Kompanyia Lliure.

A Grec 2018 Festival of Barcelona Production, Escena Nacional Andorrana y La Banda

Project in residence at Fabra i Coats, Fàbrica de creació.

Artistic card

Writer: Pablo Messiez Director: Mercè Vila Godoy Performers: Maria Lanau, Jordi Rico, Glòria Sirvent Translation: Marc Artigau Sound space: Dani Nel·lo Scenography and Lighting: Laura Clos “Closca” Wardrobe: Laura Garcia Set designer assistant: Sergi Corbera Assistant director: Andrea Monje  (Eòlia theater school) Executive Producer: Giulia Poltronieri File Recording: Isak Férriz Photography: David Ruano 


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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Wednesday 4/7 - 20:30 H Thursday 5/7 - 20:30 H Friday 6/7 - 20:30 H Saturday 7/7 - 20:30 H Sunday 8/7 - 20:30 H

Space Teatre Akadèmia

Duration80 min


Price18 - 22 €

Directed toIn company

Other criteria Coproduction


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