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Música en família

Heavy per a Xics / Lali Begood / Pep López

Plaça de Margarida Xirgu 20/07 - 22/07

The most entertaining evenings at this year’s Grec have music and are suitable for all ears. This is a musical party where we do two of the things that the youngest audiences love the most: singing and dancing.

Summertime, outdoors, free admission and with all the talent in the world. Such will the three evenings dedicated to Música en familia being planned by the Grec this year. The Margarida Xirgu square will be transformed into a stage where you can enjoy three musical shows designed to be enjoyed by both young and old:

20 July

Heavy per Xics

What if fathers, mothers and children could experience the history of rock together by attending a heavy metal concert? This is what the Heavy per Xics seeks to do. In their concert, they’ll cover famous heavy rock anthems that, in their hands, are fused with the Catalan repertoire. How does Raimon sound at the rhythm of Iron Maiden? The answer comes in the form of a concert with musicians and actors drawn from theatre and real rock bands.

21 July

Lali Begood
El jardí secret [The Secret Garden]

A story that is pure emotion and filled with good music. We’re referring to the most recent project by Lali Begood and the accomplices that make up her band. Together, they practice love ‘n’ roll. What does that sound like?  Come and listen while they tell you about how important it is to make mistakes, to manage emotions well, to appreciate the greatness of love and to avoid falling into an excess of materialism... All to the rhythm of music ranging from funk to reggae, from ska to rock, from pop to Dixieland and from folk to Balkan music. 

22 July

Pep López

No balloons, no confetti, no truisms or clichés to infantilise folk music. And there actually is no need, because children like folk music just as it is, without any additions. You’ll be able to appreciate this in show where children and families are invited to enjoy the music and dance while they follow instructions given from the stage and listen to their own compositions. Does that tune sound familiar? Popular songs are adapted to turn them into dances for you and the children with you. 

A production by No sonoras

Suitable for all audiences.

More information about The Xirgu for Families shows and activities,

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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules 20–22 July at 6.30 pm

Space Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

Duration 55 min

Price Free entrance

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