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Nenes i nens

Dennis Kelly

Direction: Joel Joan

La Villarroel | 26/06 - 07/07

It starts laughing, but ends in a rather different way. This intense piece signed by a contemporary British dramatist contains a feminist message to make us question the balance of power between the sexes.

A woman of our time, with her own documentary production company and mother of a boy and a girl, stars in a monologue that will make us laugh with the stories of her adolescence and a traveling youth. The protagonist will be recalling the key moments of her existence, both by addressing herself to the audience or by staging them. We will attend the day when she met her husband, their professional successes, and the birth of their children. The protagonist will tell you a life story in particular, but also about the relationships of couples, about brothers and sisters, the role of women in the world of work and how men fit into the world that is coming. However, an unexpected turn will make this seemingly perfect life into its reverse, precipitating an unsuspected end, though coherent, which will leave spectators nailed in their seats. As Nenes i nens gets the public to question the concept of sexism and feminism as we understand them today and offers a reflection on generalizations, political correctness and how we accept rather debatable issues as absolute truths.

First premiered at the Royal Court Theater in 2018, the text is the work of a dramatist who has adapted musicals, created television series and has written plays characterized by his incisive style. The proposal is directed by Joel Joan, an actor, director and screenwriter who has created television series (Plats bruts, Porca misèria, El Crac...) and numerous theatrical productions, some of which he directed (Excuses !, the tv movie El nom...) or co-written (Excuses!, Escape Room). As the protagonist of this monologue we will see actress Anna Sahun, a popular face thanks to television series such as La Riera or Porca misèria, but also for films like Agnosia or Las horas del día. In the Grec, we have seen her at Dei Furbi playing Scherzo (2002) or Divertimento! (2003), and she has also performed in La plaça del Diamant, directed by Toni Casares (2007-2008), in Un dia, Mirall trencat (2008) or in Les tres germanes, directed by Carlota Subirós (2011).

A production of La Villarroel, Arriska i Rereescenes.

Artistic card

Author: Dennis Kelly Translation: Carme Camacho, Neus Bonilla Direction: Joel Joan Interpretation: Anna Sahun Scenography: Joan Sabate Costume: Ariadna Julià Lighting design: Ignasi Camprodon Executive production: Núria Costas


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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules June 26-July 7. Tuesday-Friday, 20.30 h. Saturday, 18 and 21 h. Sunday, 18.30 h

Space La Villarroel

Duration90 min


Price20-24 €

Directed toPassions

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