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Pablo Selnik


Jamboree - Sala 1 01/07 - 01/07

Four big names on the free musical improvisation scene offer us an evening of music that is as radical as it is accessible. A rendezvous with the most modern forms of jazz.

The people you will hear in this concert are some of the city's most active, original and daring musicians, leading figures on Barcelona's rich free improvisation scene. They make what they call "impossible music," a surprising and radical project that is easy listening for the audience, even if they are not used to the most modern forms of jazz. Expect amorphous phrasing, wild riffs and polyrhythms that defy human logic, rounded off with melodies of dark and fiery beauty.

Plaça Real's Cava de Jazz once again this year joins Barcelona's Grec Festival, with a selection of great artists who, like Pablo Selnik and his musicians, offer us a series of high-quality artistic projects, contemporary creations all with particularly outstanding vocals and accessible to all audiences. Some performances take place in the Jamboree's new Sala 3, a third space in this venue used for live music, dance, small-format theatre, cabaret, exhibitions, conferences and events of all kinds.

Artistic card

Music performed by: Celeste Alías (vocals), Marta Valero (vocals), Pablo Selnik (transverse flute), Àlex Reviriego (double bass).

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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules 1 July, at 7 pm to 8.30 pm

Space Jamboree

Price 16 €

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