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P.A.U. (Paisatges als ulls)

Carolina Llacher

Teatre Eòlia 21/07 - 01/08

Maybe we are unaware of it, but for many people around the world Europe is the promised land. This, at least, is what it meant for the migrants who take centre stage in this play and who explain to us why they are here.

The play is written and directed by Carolina Llacher, a teacher at the Escola Superior d'Art Dramàtic Eòlia who, as well as a playwright and actor, is also a sociologist. One day, looking out across the sea, she realised that this aquatic medium where life was born on our planet is, today, the place where men, women and children lose their lives every day just looking for a life without misery. What if that sea that swallows up lives were just a reflection of our society’s spirit? What makes a person risk their life to get here? Who were they, before setting off, these people who now come off the rafts? The play’s director and writer will not answer these questions for us, but we will meet men and women who are not actors, but people who arrived in Barcelona having crossed the Mediterranean. Is Europe the promised land that they had imagined?  Answering these questions for us from up on stage are a group of performers who use their own lives and experiences as material for the play.

A graduate in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and in Sociology from the University of Barcelona, Carolina Llacher has acted in film productions such as La Academia de las Musas, by José Luis Guerín, and has worked on performing arts projects aimed at adolescents at risk of exclusion, and in 2019 won the  Scholarship from the Observatory of Applied Arts of the Institut del Teatre for the project Les Veus del Mar, a space for artistic creation designed for Africans migrants.

Co-produced by La Fam de la Fera i Eòlia i+D.

Artistic card

Original idea: Carolina Llacher Director and playwright: Carolina Llacher, Martí Costa Performed by: Lamine Bathily, Malamine Soly, Yacine Diop, Ariadna de Vilar Live music and sound space: Josep Maria Barrufet Staging: Laura Sanz Lighting design: Anna Espunya Photography: Cesc Maymó, Adrià Losa, Maria Martín

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Space Teatre Eòlia

Duration 75 min

Language Catalan, Spanish and Wolof

Price 16-20 €

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