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Pedro Páramo

Author: Juan Rulfo / Pau Miró

Dir.: Mario Gas

Teatre Romea 01/07 - 08/08

One of the essential works of 20th-century Latin American literature, a story of stories where tenderness and violence combine to denounce abuse of the oppressed and corruption, is brought to the stage by a Catalan playwright.

Pedro Páramo, a humble man, ends up becoming the cacique of his town, Comala, a small place he squeezes and decimates until it becomes a ghost town. Years later, Juan Preciado, his son, returns to the town, where he comes across the ghosts of people who once lived there. He discovers who his father really was and how he took advantage of the town’s inhabitants, including his mother. This is a story about corruption that tells us about the mechanisms of power and how they are used around the world for personal gain, based on the events that take place in a small community. The story of the father, the most important and corrupt man in Comala, and that of his son, who arrives there when it is already deserted and only the spirits of those who lived there walk the streets, alternate in a labyrinthine structure. The script has been created by Pau Miró, a director and playwright trained at the Institut del Teatre and Sala Beckett.

The play, performed by Pablo Derqui and Vicky Peña, two well-known Catalan actors, is directed by Mario Gras, himself an actor and author. He is also a theatre and opera director who has staged over a hundred productions and received a string of top awards, including the Butaca Award, the National Theatre Award, various Max awards and a City of Barcelona Performing Arts Award. He also has strong ties with the Barcelona Grec Festival, where he has directed operas, plays and musicals.

A 2020 Barcelona Grec Festival, Teatro Español and Teatre Romea co-production.


Artistic card

Author: Juan Rulfo Script: Pau Miró Directed by: Mario Gas Performed by: Pablo Derqui, Vicky Peña Scenography: Sebastià Brosa Lighting design: Paco Ariza Costumes: Antonio Belart Original music and sound space: Orestes Gas Assistant director: Montse Tixé Video design: Álvaro Luna Video design assistant: Elvira Ruiz Staging assistant: Paula Font, Francesc Colomina Production manager and executive production: Maite Pijuan Head of production: Marina Vilardell Technical office manager: Moi Cuenca Technical office: David Ruiz Stage director: Montse Tixé Sound technician: Albert Ballbé Set construction: Pascualin estructures, Taller d’escenografia Castells, Pro-escena Cadirat: Foment Hortenc Costume makers: Goretti, Sastrería Cornejo Technical directors: Sergi Lobaco and Raúl Martínez Press: Albert López and Judit Hernández Marketing and communication: Publispec Graphic design: Santi & KCO

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules July 1-August 8 Tuesday to Friday, 8.00 pm. Saturday, 5 pm and 8.00 pm. Sunday, 6.00 pm. Monday July 5, 8.00 pm (premiere). Tuesday, 6, no performance.

Space Teatre Romea

Duration 100 min

Language Catalan

Price 17-24 €

Other criteria Coproduction


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