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Teatre Grec 03/07

The Grec family party this year takes place over two days with the best music for all audiences, starting with Jamaican beats from a band playing their new album which invites us to cross the oceans with them.

Get on the Calypso, the ship that will take us on this musical journey and which is named after the well-known oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. No, he is not the only sailor paid tribute to on Quadern de Bitàcola, their last album, the Reggae music project for kids. Come and see this concert which is one of the two as part of the Grec Festival that, with the band Xiula, make up this year's line-up for the Grec for families, and you can relive the oceanic imaginary of writer Jules Verne, Captain Nemo and his submarine the Nautilus and of the comic artist Hergé, father of Tintin and Captain Haddock, all of them great connoisseurs of the infinite wealth of the oceans. All thanks to the music, a characteristic adaptation  of the traditional repertoire of Jamaican beats, the rhythm, the humour and this educational element that Reggae for kids knows how to apply so well.

Twelve songs, eight of which are original, make up Quadern de Bitàcola, an album (fifth by the group and the first in three years) that also includes an adaptation of a theme from the Càntut Project. All by a band from Sant Feliu del Llobregat made up of nine musicians, pure energy, who perform their songs on a stage specially designed for them and enveloped in sound and bright lights. To the rhythms of reggae, you will experience extraordinary adventures,  discover the animals and plants that inhabit the oceans and see what happens when a society like ours keeps filling the sea with the waste it generates.

Reggae, emotion and message, in a concert for boys and girls in which parents and those accompanying them will have a great time.

A No Sonores production.

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Music performed by: Reggae for kids

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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Saturday 3/7 - 19:30 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration 75 min

Language Catalan

Price 12 €


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