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Zum-Zum Teatre

Direction: Iñaki Rikarte

Mercat de les Flors - Sala Pina Bausch23/07 - 24/07

This is a new version of a classic story for children about a tiny child and his siblings abandoned in the forest, especially thought for parents and children.

It is said that stories are a human invention designed to make children sleep and awaken adults who listen to them. And it is true that many stories meant for entertaining children hide important messages about the world in which they will live. These messages, turned into classics, are passed on from generation to generation offering life lessons in an amusing way. Some of these stories were written long ago but still retain the ability to raise issues that affect us. Such is  the case of Polzet (Pulgarcito), the eternal story of a mistreated and ignored child who saves his siblings from a most certain death and, in doing so, he ensures a domestic economy forever. The relationship between good and evil, generosity, kindness and abandonment are issues that appear in this story.

The Basque company Teatro Paraíso took Polzet to the stage a few years ago with the title of Pulgarcito (Tom Thumb), focusing on the abandonment of the protagonist and establishing clear parallels between this story and the world today. Zum-Zum Teatre produces the Catalan version of this show conceived from the relationship between a father and his son and which, therefore, is especially aimed at parents and children, or any combination you want to make.

A production of Zum-Zum Teatre.

In cooperation with Teatro Paraíso.

Performance recommended for audiences from +6 onwards.


Artistic card

Author and direction: Iñaki Rikarte Translation: Anna Manso Interpretation: Jesús Agelet i Ramon Molins Musical composition: Iñaki Salvador Scenography, costume and objects: Ikerne Gimenez Lighting design: Esteban Salazar Technical direction: Sergio Sisques Assistance to direction: Tomás Fernández Administración: Pili Espada Coordination and logistics: Begonya Ferrer Executive production: Txell Burgues


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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Tuesday 23/7 - 18:00 H Wednesday 24/7 - 18:00 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration60 min


Price 12 €

Directed toIn company


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