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Pupilas pintaban mis sábanas. Quadre #2: Teresa


Teatre Lliure Montjuïc - Espai Lliure 22/07 - 23/07

The second stage instalment of this polyphonic project that examines inebriation in our times focuses on the experiences of a woman. Feminism and counterculture in a piece that won the 2022 Adrià Gual award.

Cheli and Teresa are the protagonists of this stage project from the company Lalinea. It portrays a generation of heroin users through a series of testimonies, in which a dialogue opens up between the scientific perspective of Erik, the doctor interviewing them, and the users' personal experiences. Based on the words of these characters - beings taken from the purest reality - two scenic pictures are drawn which aim to capture their emotional universes as part of the Pupilas pintaban mis sábanas (Pupils Painted my Bed Sheets) project. In this case, it is Teresa who is at the centre of a montage that portrays a woman immersed in the counter-cultural, but still hyper-masculinised, milieu of 1970s Catalonia. Teresa's drug use is recreational, but not without consequences. She experiences the double discrimination suffered by women users and ends up finding in drug use a means of emancipation and a feminist support network that includes other users like herself.  In order to contextualise the story, part of the documentary research was carried out in collaboration with the participants of Metzineres, a Barcelona-based association that works with women and non-binary drug users and employs a harm-reduction approach. 

This production, winner of one of the Barcelona Crea grants in the 2020 call, is a project by Úrsula Tenorio and Erik Forsberg that uses reality as the raw material for stage creation. The company was in residence at the Teatre Lliure during the 20/21 season. Their project José y la Barcelona disidente premièred at the Grec 2021 Festival in Barcelona. Cheli, the first piece of the project Pupilas pintaban mis sábanas, was co-produced and premièred in 2022 at the Antic Teatre.

A co-production of Lalinea and the Centre de les Arts Lliures - Joan Brossa Foundation.

Support for creation: Adrià Gual 2022 Award from the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona Crea 2020 Grants, Nau Ivanow, Centro Cívico Cocheras Borrell and the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia.


Artistic card

Creation: Lalinea. Stage direction: Úrsula Tenorio, Erik Forsberg. Written by: Erik Forsberg, Úrsula Tenorio. Performed by: Erik Forsberg, Úrsula Tenorio. Assistant director: Laura Riera. Testimonial: Teresa. Set: Lucía Valenzuela, Sergi Cerdan. Sound space: Sergio Camacho. Lighting space: Ivan Cascon. Community creation: Participants from Metzineres. Movement coaching in community creation: Anna Pérez Moya. Performance coaching: Àlex Sanz. Student trainee (MUET): Cristóbal Cartes. Executive producer: Laura Riera. Communication: Eladi Bonastre.

Multimedia gallery


Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules 22 and 23 July at 9 pm

Space Teatre Lliure Montjuïc

Duration 90 min

Language Catalan and Spanish

Price 18 €

Other criteria BCN Crea IT Awards

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