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Mercat de les Flors - Sala Ovidi Montllor08/07 - 09/07

Grec Festival

Put your glasses on, the show is about to start. This is a 3D show that uses the language of dance and the latest technologies to talk to us about one of the first fields of knowledge that humanity explored.

Have you ever asked yourself what geometry is? We are talking about the field of knowledge that deals with objects and figures and their relationship with space. During the performance, an abstract show about the geometric shapes that are implicit in movement and the choreographic use of the space, they will talk to you about things such as distance, position, surface area, volume or shape in a really fun way. For that, the three characters, geometric bodies with human qualities, will conduct not so much a show as an experience with music, dance, words in the form of a poem and some surprising images. Your enjoyment will be enhanced by using the special glasses the company will provide you with and which will enable you to immerse yourself in a world of geometric projections in 3D with lasers and LED-based costumes. You will see a circle, a triangle and a square expressing emotions and human characters performing not only contemporary dance but urban and acrobatic dance too, with music that will make clear the relationship between this sound art and geometry. Acoustic, electronic and natural sounds are all part of the soundtrack for a production created by Xavier Oró that shares the spotlight with the poems of the illustrator and poet Montserrat Ginesta. A vital part of the show is the choreographies, which combine the freshness of two talented young dancers, Anna Planas and Arias Fernández, with the knowledge and experience of Anna Planas.

Directing the show is Roseland Musical’s artistic and choreography director Marta Almirall, a dancer, choreographer, artistic director and cultural manager who received the 2007 National Culture Award for Dance in recognition of her professional career. Almirall also directs some well-known festivals promoted by the City Council which range from Mercè Street Arts (MAC Festival, La Mercè festivities) to Mon Llibre, the children’s literature festival.

A Roseland Musical production.

In cooperation with Sala Miguel Hernández (Sabadell).

The concert (recorded on 9 July) will be shown on TV on Saturday 18 July, at 7 pm. (Times to be confirmed)

Artistic card

Authorship and artistic direction: Marta Almirall Assistant director: Anna Planas Texts: Montserrat Ginesta Choreography: Anna Planas, Aina Lanas, Arias Fernández Performed by: Aina Lanas, Arias Fernández, Anna Sagrera Audiovisual: Onionlab Audiovisual direction: Jordi Pont Lighting design: Andreu Fàbregas Musical creation: Xavier Oró Costume design: Montserrat Ginesta Costume makers: Patra Ariño, Gonzalo Colosia Executive producer: Ester Rodríguez Communication services: Silvia Framis Photography: Roxana Rubio


Multimedia gallery


Discipline Dance Familiar

Dates and schedules Wednesday 8/7 - 19:00 H Thursday 9/7 - 19:00 H

Space Mercat de les Flors

Duration55 min

LanguageCatalan, Spanish and English

Price 5 €


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