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Castell de Montjuïc - Fossat de Santa Eulàlia 29/06 - 03/08

At the Grec Festival in Barcelona there is also cinema: a cycle that is a summer classic and allows you to watch good movies at night and in the open air. The Grec, on screen.

The coolest cinema in the city returns to its rendezvous with the Barcelonian moviegoers. It projects a series of films chosen with affection and in original version with subtitles that you will be able to see sitting on the grass or in a deck chair while you shake off the summer heat. Remember that the sessions are preceded by a musical performance and a short film and that, this year, the proposal includes four Grec Nights which you cannot possibly miss.


29th June – The night of Catalan talent

20:45 h Concert: Mazoni
Perhaps the name of his musical project sounds Italian, but Jaume Pla is from La Bisbal d'Empordà (Girona) and at 13 years old he played with Carles Sanjosé (Sanjosex). Today he is one of the most respected Catalan pop voices, a singer-songwriter who was able to spend 31 days in a row on tour and who, now, passes through Montjuïc to perform songs from his latest album: Meat, bone all included.
22:00 h Screening of the short film Compatible, by Pau Bacardit (Spain, 2017)
The domotic  house where Isaac lives should be controlled with a simple click but instead it does not pay attention to him ... He will have no choice but to go and ask for help from the company that installed the system, since there is a compatibility problem.
22:00 h Projection of Tierra firme (Spain, 2017) by Carlos Marques-Marcet (Presentation by the director)
Can you live love, family and life differently from the more conventional and, in spite of everything, stay together?  Eva, Kat and Roger wonder about it while traveling by boat on the canals of London. With Oona Chaplin, Natalia Tena, David Verdaguer and Geraldine Chaplin, among others.

6 July – Homage night to Leonard Bernstein

20:45 h Concert: Big Pocket Orchestra (revisited soundtracks)
Cinema and television are the source of inspiration for a group born in 2015 to encourage the existence of the declared fans of Nino Rota, Henry Mancini and many other mythical composers. Surely Bernstein sounds...
22:00 h Projection of West Side Story (Estats Units, 1961), by Robert Wise
One of the most famous film musicals in history takes Romeo and Juliet to the heart of New York, with music by Leonard Bernstein and young actors and actresses of exceptional talent interpret the story. Do you need excuses to see Natalie Wood, Richard Berymer, Rita Moreno or George Chakiris on the screen again? Jets and Sharks, in Montjuïc.

25 July  - Homage night to Studio Ghibli

20:00 h Concert: Banda Municipal de Barcelona
The Municipal Band of Barcelona joins the program of the Grec offering spectators a special concert in Sala Montjuïc in which they interpret themes of the soundtracks of some very special films: those of the Japanese Ghibli studios. Yes, we talk about the studies created by the mythical Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away ...) and Isao Takahata (The Tomb of the Fireflies). Soundtracks of some classics of oriental animation that, also in the West, are part of the sentimental education of an entire generation.
22:00 h Projection La tumba de las luciérnagas (Japan, 1988) by Isao Takahata
The first film directed by Takahata with the Studio Ghibli was, also, the most popular of his filmography. The action of this animation film takes place in Kobe during the last months of the Second World War and shows the desperate struggle of two brothers to survive the conflict. It is not a happy film, but it is considered one of the best films about war, as well as a masterpiece of animated films.

30 de julio – Middle East special night

20:45 h Concert of Hamsa Hamsa (Sephardic & Middle east music)
A Barcelona band that brings us ancestral rhythms and melodies. The Sephardic and Middle East tradition , but also flamenco, jazz and Balkan music are part of its sound universe.
22:00 h Projection of El viajante (France, 2017), by Asghar Farhadi
The couple formed by Emad and Rana are forced to leave their apartment in the center of Tehran due to the poor condition of the building and to settle in a new home on a temporary basis. But an encounter with a stranger that accidentally sneaks into his privacy will upset everything. A mysterious and emotional film with which Farhadi won the Oscar for best non-English speaking film in 2017, although he refused to travel to the US. to pick it up after Trump vetoed the entry to the country to his countrymen.

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Discipline Cinema Music

Dates and schedules From 29 June to 3 Agost

Space Castell de Montjuïc

LanguageOriginal version subtitled in Spanish

Price6 - 6,5

Directed toFrom Melbourne to New York


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