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Sentimental + Afrikemet

Sala Montjuïc

Castell de Montjuïc 07/07

Return of a Festival classic: film sessions accompanied by good music that turn the old moat, Fossat de Santa Eulàlia, into a large open-air cinema. Summer nights at Montjuïc Castle.

Concert with Afrikemet (8.45 pm)

A band set up in Barcelona three years ago which bases its musical offering on rhythms such as highlife, soukous or Afrobeat, the soundtrack of African independence. These native rhythms were mixed with the sounds of the diaspora such as jazz, soul, calypso or funk and gave identity to a new society. Afrikemet have just launched their first album African Heroes, produced by Slow Walk Music, on which they update those sounds with styles such as zouk or ndombolo.

Screening of Sentimental (Spain, 2020, by Cesc Gay (10 pm)

Julio and Ana have been together for more than 15 years. They are a couple who no longer touch or look at each other, and who have made daily combat the essence of their relationship. One night, Ana invites her neighbours over, a nice, friendly couple younger than Julio and Ana but whose “noises” have become a nuisance, or maybe a stimulus? Their upstairs neighbours make an unusual and surprising proposal that turns the evening into an over-the-top but cathartic experience for all four.

A comedy that adapts Cesc Gay’s debut play to the big screen, with a cast currently in a state of grace.

Not recommended for spectators under 12.

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Discipline Cinema

Dates and schedules Wednesday 7/7 - 20:45 H

Space Castell de Montjuïc

Language Spanish

Price 7,50-10,50 €

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