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The Sey Sisters

We got your back

Veus al BARTS Series

BARTS 03/07

Offering a revamped, feminist and anti-racist sound, a trio of Afro-Catalan artists bring us a message of hope with their new album, which conveys freshness, energy and good vibrations.

Exciting, energetic... If you've ever been to a Sey Sisters concert, you'll know their public appearances are just like that, a musical depth charge influenced by pop, soul and African sounds. They've been performing everywhere ever since they first came on the scene in 2006, and some of you may even have seen them taking part in theatre productions and big musicals. But it was not until 2015 that Edna, Kathy and Yolanda Sey brought out their first album, Let Freedom Ring, followed in 2018 by Rise, an album which established their career on the Catalan circuit and opened doors to the rest of Spain. Now they're presenting We got your back, which introduces new sounds and strengthens their message, which promotes women and human rights and protests against discrimination. They themselves explain how this new album is aimed at opening “a space for caring, for empowerment” to strengthen a sense of community, connect them with their roots and pay tribute to “the people who have died and continue to die during the journey”.

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Music performed by: Edna Sey (vocals), Kathy Sey (vocals and percussion), Yolanda Sey (vocals), Albert Bartolomé (piano, keyboards and sax) Photography: Sílvia Poch

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Dates and schedules Saturday 3/7 - 20:30 H


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