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Barcelona cultura

Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Liliana Herrero & Maria Gadú

Territorios (Territories)

Teatre Grec 17/07

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Three women, three territories and one language, the language of music, which they speak through voice and guitar. They perform a repertoire that ranges from Federico García Lorca to Atahualpa Yupanqui, passing through Fito Páez.

They met for the first time in Uruguay, where they were called together by Leandro Quiroga, a producer with an idea. There was a possibility that it wouldn’t work, but the chemistry between Argentina's Liliana Herrero, Brazil's Maria Gadú and Catalonia's Silvia Pérez Cruz was instantaneous. Liliana Herrero is considered the doyenne of Argentine popular music, while the other two artists hail from a later generation: Pérez Cruz is known for the singular beauty of her voice and Maria Gadú is recognised for being one of the most influential artists of new Brazilian popular music. They are united by a wide-ranging repertoire of compositions from Brazil, Argentina and Spain. The music allows them to converse and interact in spite of the language barriers and the cultural differences dividing the places they come from. This show imagines a common territory for the landscapes and traditions that accompany the three artists. You will hear them play songs by Caetano Veloso, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Fernando Cabrera, Leonard Cohen, Milton Nascimento, Fito Páez and songs based on poems by Federico García Lorca. These are songs by artists who are iconic in their own respective countries, but they also represent their aesthetic, political and emotional references.

A production of El Pez Cruz, S.L.

Artistic card

Original idea: Leandro Quiroga (Medio y Medio Festival). Music performed by: Liliana Herrero, Maria Gadú, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Pedro Rossi. Sound: Juan Casanovas / Denys Sanz. Lighting design: Patricio Tejedor. Technical production: Neus Carreras. Logistics: Neus Carreras. Recruitment: Cristina Crespo. Road manager: Álex Sánchez, Neus Carreras. General production: El Pez Cruz, S.L.

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Dates and schedules 17 July, at 22 pm

Space Teatre Grec

Price 30 €

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