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Jon Fosse

Dir.: Marc Chornet

Teatre Akadèmia 30/06 - 04/07

Two people alone in a boat. They are talking. About what they see. About who they are. Perhaps about who they were. Perhaps about what happened. Perhaps about what is happening. Perhaps about what will happen. A great piece of contemporary theatre, with an exceptional cast.

In May 2007, Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse premièred I Am the Wind at the Bergen International Festival, a play which that same year was performed again at the National Theatre (Oslo). Critics and audiences were immediately seduced by a text that used micro or anecdotal situations to create moments of great drama, a work that, in few words, draws an image that appears to be a minimalist landscape, but is eventually revealed to be the internal portrait of all Humanity. Two men converse as they sail in a boat through the fog, floating on the water and, after stopping in a cove where they eat something, they continue sailing until one of them falls into the water and disappears. Reiterations, silences and a special musicality characterise the style of Jon Fosse who, as Marc Chornet, the director of this version, explains, is able to draw out the deep reality of the characters through micro situations, at all times challenging the literalness of what is said on stage. In this play, the words are few and whilst they seem light, they contain a weight and depth that few texts achieve.

Like the rest of the productions from Jon Fosse, one of the most important authors alive today, this work has seldom been seen in Catalonia, although the Grec 2011 Festival of Barcelona showed an English version directed by Patrice Chereau. This time, it arrives on stage directed by a playwright and director who was the founder of the company Projecte Ingenu and who, since 2019, has taken over the artistic direction of the Joan Brossa Stage. The actors in I am The Wind include Hans Richter, originally from Germany, who we have seen in theatre, film and television productions and who has extensive experience on our stages and a Manel Barceló (also screenwriter and playwright) who is one of the greatest actors in our country.

A 2021 Barcelona Grec Festival and Teatre Akadèmia co-production.

Artistic card

Authorship: Jon Fosse Translation: Cristina Gómez (to spanish), Marc Chornet Artells (to catalan) Stage direction: Marc Chornet Artells Performed by: Hans Richter, Manel Barceló Stage design and projections: Alfonso Ferri Lighting: David Bofarull Costumes: Adriana Parra Sound space: Marc Chornet Artells Assistant director: Marina Alegre Exepcutuve production: Júlia Simó Photographies: Felipe Mena

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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Wednesday 30/6 - 20:00 H Thursday 1/7 - 20:00 H Friday 2/7 - 20:00 H Saturday 3/7 - 20:00 H Sunday 4/7 - 20:00 H

Space Teatre Akadèmia

Duration 60 min

Language Catalan

Price 22 €

Other criteria Coproduction


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