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Sol Picó and Banda ChaPicó

Animal de séquia

With Banda Municipal de Barcelona and Carles Dénia

Teatre Grec | 27/07

Grec Festival

Tradition and contemporary dance share a common ground here thanks to a choreographer who explores Valencian popular culture.

Sometimes it seems as if diverse aspects of the same topic, call it popular and high culture or tradition and contemporaneity, have not much in common, but perhaps, it is only a matter of  finding the element that would connect them. Such element is actually Sol Picó, an artist with a personal, fresh, close and humourous style that connects perfectly with the public. Now, she makes it clear that her work as a choreographer and contemporary dancer has found many points of contact with tradition. Indeed, it is a matter of doing a re-reading of Valencian popular culture, revisiting roots, with music and arrangements by the composer and performer Jesús Salvador Chapi, in a journey going from the most primary and earthly to the most modern and sophisticated. The technological world, full of stimuli, is thus opposed to a more organic, natural and authentic universe. Hence, the ten dancers who are part of this choreography dance to the sound of the traditional music played by the Banda ChaPicó, on a trip to the essence of Valencian culture in cooperation with Banda Municipal de Barcelona.

The shows of Sol Picó Company, created in 1994, are always controversial and rarely leave the public indifferent. Precision, vitality, power and dynamism are features of the company's choreographies, who bet on the mestization and interaction of genres. She has obtained all kinds of awards ranging from various Max prizes to the National Dance Prize (2016) and the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize in the dance category (2014).

A production of  Institut Valencià de Cultura

Artistic card

Choregraphy and direction: Sol Picó Music composition and musical direction: Jesús Salvador Chapi Choreographic assistance: Carlos Fernández 

Interpretation: Lorenza di Calogero, Xaro Campo, Alba Cerdeiriña Romero, Carlos Fernández, Albert García Saurí, Rocío Gisbert Valor, Irene Maestre Serrano, Luis Martínez Gea, Rubén Peinado Tomás, Alicia Reig Jover Singer: Carles Dénia With: Banda de Música Chapicó (Andreu Bayarri, Alberto Ballester, Borja Camps Ros, Silvia Cantó, Maties Carbonell, Marta Castiñeira Moscardó, Adriana Català Bori, Martín Chulvi, Pablo Fernández, Virginia Gómez, Gloria Luzzy, Jorge Luzzy Galán, Pere Llopis, Raúl Martí, Carlos Monzó Fort, Vicente Muñoz, Joaquin Navarro, Álvaro Olivares Galvany, César Parreño, Pablo Pons, Laura Quiñoles, Joan Manuel Raigal, Carles Raigal, Carles Ramos Rausell, Sergio Torres Más, Jaume Veldés Martínez, Juan Vique), Banda Municipal de Música de Barcelona

Lighting design: Ximo Rojo Set design and realization: Joan Manrique Costumes: Joan Miquel Reig Image: Assad Kasab Photography: José Jordán Audiovisuals: Gema Iglesias Sound: Antoni Suesta Stage manager: María José Mora

Executive production of Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC): Leonardo Santos Deputy direction of performing arts of IVC: Roberto García Distribution: Companyia de Dansa Sol Picó Acknowledgements: Josep Vicent Frechina, Vicent Baydal, Amàlia Garrigós, Adrià Gisbert, Faust, J. Pau, Tomàs Pau


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Discipline Dance

Dates and schedules Saturday 27/7 - 22:00 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration60 min

Price15-22 €

Directed toSummer nights

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