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Titus Andrònic

Parking Shakespeare

Direction: Israel Solà

Teatre Grec | 31/07

It has been ten years of the birth of a company that makes Shakespeare available to all audiences. They celebrate their birthday by bringing a double program that re-read the works of the Bard on stage during the Grec festical.

The Grec theatre, with a smaller capacity than usual, becomes a space as intimate as the spiral of trees in the Estació del Nord park where the company Parking Shakespeare has spent a decade representing works of the English playwright. On its anniversary, this theater group invites young directors of the city to direct productions, some already represented by the company and others not. So if until now the repertoire of Parking Shakespeare pointed to the Shakespearian comedies, in this new stage they enter the world of tragedy with one of the most controversial and violent creations of the author, Titus Andrònic. The work has been criticized for its somehow unrefined structure and its extremely bloodthirsty character, and there are even those who have questioned whether it was Shakespeare's work. However, it remains a title as intense as indispensable. Now, Israel Solà, director of the theater company La Calórica, offers a new reading of a play that is pure disproportion, and puts the accent on the nonsense of this culture of revenge that seems to move the characters and that is already an inherent part of the society where we live.

A production of Parking Shakespeare.

With the collaboration of 2019 Grec Festival of Barcelona.

At the representation of this show, there will be an audio-description and accompaniment service. In these same function, braille and print-out programs will be available to people with visual disabilities.

In cooperation with ONCE and Institut Municipal de Persones amb Discapacitat.

Not accessible venue for people with reduced mobility using wheelchairs.

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Artistic card

Author: William Shakespeare Translation: Salvador Oliva Direction, adaptation and dramaturgy: Israel Solà Interpretation: Marçal Bayona, Ricard Boyle, Òscar Castellví, Mireia Cirera, Ester Cort, Pep Garcia-Pascual, Carles Gilabert, Marc Joy, Georgina Latre, Eleazar Masdeu, Xavi Soler, Íker Castell Daifuku, Àlex Losada Jiménez Costumes: Clàudia Vila Assistant director: Ángel Ruiz Production and communication: Aina Puig Executive production: Aina Bujosa Artistic direction: Pep Garcia-Pascual


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Titus Andrònic
Titus Andrònic


Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules Wednesday 31/7 - 19:30 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration90 min


Price12 € (entrada combinada amb L'Amansi(pa)ment de les fúries, 18 €)

Directed toPassions

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