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A tocar!

Baró d’Evel and guests

Teatre Grec | 30/06 - 01/07

Grec Festival

In our concerns, can we find the strength and enthusiasm for transformation? How can we collectively give a new meaning to our lives if it is not through poetry?

Baró d’evel takes on the challenge of creating a “suspended”moment for the opening of the Grec Festival. The time for putting ourselves in motion once more is near [a tocar]  but the time for making a change is also near. We are clearly affected, but we want to touch, we want to feel, we want to live, we want to dream. For Baró d’evel, calling admired fellow artists to the Teatre Grec stage at a time like this is more than a privilege; organising the ceremony, a great honour, being in front of an audience again, a thrill.  A tocar! [within reach] must be an injection of essentiality and energy.

We are still going through a period of crisis and everything is shifting, oscillating. We must therefore be cautious, while still being ambitious, because we are fragile, but brave. Various generations and a number of languages are brought on stage in a performance that invites us to rediscover the power of the stage, to submerge ourselves in the depths of human nature, in order to deal with the most serious challenge we have ever faced: recovering the basics and the importance of everything that we experience, seeing clearly in order to rediscover our priorities. It will be a kind of re-enchantment ceremony, which, perhaps, aims to reconnect us with the essentiality of the present, the responsibility of the future and the sincerity of poetry.

The masters of ceremony, Baró d’evel, is a company that has one foot in Catalonia and the other in France, It is led by Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias, the authors of shows that include Bèsties, (Grec 2018) and Falaise (Grec 2019). They have seduced Barcelona audiences in shows performed with remarkable skill, large doses of poetry and profound simplicity. On this occasion, they are surrounded by artists from various disciplines, ranging from theater, movement and clowns to visual arts and music, including Frederic Amat, Tortell Poltrona, Maria Muñoz, Raül Refree, Lina, Nicolas Lafourest, Roc Mateu Trias. Imma Colomer, Nico Baixas and These are the ingredients for a kind of huge Molotov cocktail that has no wish to burn down anything, but rather invites us all to take part in a grand celebration of life.

A 2020 Barcelona Grec Festival production.

The show will be broadcast live by betevé and on Tuesday, 30 June, at 10 pm

Artistic card

Director: Baró d’evel Created by: Camille Decourtye, Blaï Mateu Trias, Frederic Amat, Raül Refree, Lina, Tortell Poltrona, Maria Muñoz, Nicolas Lafourest, Roc Mateu Trias, Rita Mateu Decourtye, María de la Cámara, Gabriel Paré Lezcano, Imma Colomer Imma Colomer's text: Marina Garcés Special guest: Nico Baixas Sound design: Roc Mateu Lighting design: Video design: Xavier Gibert Mateu Assistant director: Oriol Pla Pictorial assistant: Arnau Colomo Stage manager: Luara Mateu Trias Production collaboration: Montserrat Trias Muñoz (Circ Cric), Mar Girona Image: Frederic Amat


Multimedia gallery


Discipline Hybrid scene Circus

Dates and schedules Tuesday 30/6 - 22:00 H Wednesday 1/7 - 22:00 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration65 min

LanguageCatalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese and others

Price 15 €

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