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Oriol Tarrasón / Les Antonietes

La Villarroel | 10/07 - 28/07

A company known for its risky adaptations of drama classics changes its register. They stage a self-created comedy that helps them explore friendship, love, old age and loneliness.

She is 77 years old and her name is Marta. Or, at least, until now everyone called her so. But she always wanted to call herself Solange. As her husband has just died and she has had to move to the Buen Reposo residence, she takes advantage of the occasion and decided to change her name. After all, Solange is much more elegant. At the residence, she will meet Ernest and Mateu, two grandparents who, unfortunately, have become used to discussing so as not to get bored up and down the hall. The contrast between Solange's will to live and the apathy of the two friends will end up causing many absurd situations that will complicate, lots, the life of Rosa, the director of the residence. Well, as one of the characters says: "life is too short to live only 100 years".

The story has been written by Oriol Tarrasón, director, playwright, actor and one of the members, along with the actress Annabel Castan, the producer Raül Perales and the cultural manager Eduard Arderiu, of the group Les Antonietes. For Les Antonietes, he has adapted classics such as Much Ado about nothing, Stockmann, Vània, A streetcar named desire, Othello, but he has also written his own texts such as Punxó Siamès, Sota l'escorça, Somni americà or Finalment la fi.

A production of 2019 Grec Festival of Barcelona, Les Antonietes and OHM productions.

With the collaboration of La Villarroel, La Caldera Les Corts, Escola Superior d’Art Dramàtic Eòlia, Arsènic Espai de Creació, Medusa Cultura.

With the suport of Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Artistic card

Author and artistic direction: Oriol Tarrasón Interpretation: Annabel Castan, Imma Colomer, Pep Ferrer, Quimet Pla Associated director: Martí Torras Mayneris Space and costume design: Joana Martí Lighting design: Iñaki Garz Sound concept and design: Jordi Agut, Jaume Vergé Movement: Sebastian Garcia Hierro Characterization: Txus González Assistant director / Stage manager: Omar Bañón Video: Joan Gastó Graphic design: Assad Kassab Photography: David Tarrasón Social networks: Estel Ibars Cultural management: Eduard Arderiu Distribution: Xavier González Associated producer: Quim Folguera Executive production: Raül Perales Technical management: Jaume Feixas Press services: Cosmica. Marketing & communication: Publispec Aknowledgements: Òptica CATAFAL Montmeló


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Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules 10-28 July. Tuesday-Friday, 20.30 h. Saturday, 18 and 21 h. Sunday, 18.30 h

Space La Villarroel

Duration80 min


Price24-28 €

Directed toIn company


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