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Veus que no veus

Cia. Pepa Plana

Escenari Joan Brossa | 18/07 - 21/07

What happens when the so-called classic clowns are female not male but with payasas? One of the greatest Catalan female clowns and their team has successfully altered the traditional circus.

Pepa Plana herself is one of the best female contributors to the clown theatre world. Today, there are a few women that put on the red nose, but has anyone dared to make, with women only, the most classic shows of the clown's repertoire? Let’s try it, thought Pepa Plana. In this show she plays the character of Payasa Augusta and in complicity with Noël Olivé being Payasa Blanca. Here are two heroines of the 21st century trying to survive situations, classical or not, that their condition of clowns offers. They are in the hands of director Joan Arqué to reinvent those classics and revive tradition in a female way, overlapping with the stories of female artists in a men’s world. Hence, humor and poetry here’s a show in which protagonists play, but they also bite.

An actress clown, who is not only a reference in the Catalan Arts scene, but she also has an international prestige. She has created ten shows so far, has worked with Cirque du Soleil and has shared the stage with figures such as the passed away Joan Montanyès "Monti" and Joan Valentí "Nan". National Prize of Culture of the Generalitat in 2014, the last time that came to the Grec (in 2016), she premiered the unipersonal show Paradís pintat, accompanied on stage by Noël Olivé, a theater, film and television actress who has worked with directors such as Calixto Bieito, Oriol Broggi or Magda Puyo, and in the cinema, with names such as Cesc Gay, Isabel Coixet, Francesc Bellmunt and Rosa Vergés. It is directed by Joan Arqué, who combines his clown work with the direction and he has directed or co-directed Pals (with Leandro Mendoza, in Grec 2015) or Històries d’Istanbul, A contrapeu (Greek 2017), among many others. In addition, he is part of the company Rhum i Cia with which he has performed in shows such as Rhum (Grec 2014) and Rhumia (Greek 2016).

A production of Cia. Pepa Plana.

This show is recommended for audiences from +10 years old onwards.

Artistic card

Direction: Joan Arqué Interpretation: Pepa Plana (Payasa Augusta), Noël Olivé (Payasa Blanca) Scenography: Xavier Erra Assistant to dirección: Inés García Choreography: Roger Julià Lighting: Yuri Plana Music: Lluís Cartes Music and voice in Tirallonga de Monosíl·labs: Rosa Pou Photography: Aureli Sendra, Tony Lara


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Veus que no veus
Veus que no veus
Veus que no veus
Veus que no veus


Discipline Circus

Dates and schedules Thursday 18/7 - 20:30 H Friday 19/7 - 20:30 H Saturday 20/7 - 20:30 H Sunday 21/7 - 19:00 H

Space Escenari Joan Brossa

Duration65 min


Price 20 €

Directed toIn company


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