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Walking towards ‘Life (of how trees saved our life)’

Lali Álvarez / Hui Basa

Jardí Botànic | 08/07 - 09/07

Grec en obert

Can you imagine a night round the last living tree on Earth? A stroll around the botanical gardens becomes the embryo for a future documentary theatre show which talks about our bond with the planet.

According to the NGO Global Witness, more than 1,500 environmental activists have been killed around the world in the last 15 years. That’s one person killed every two days. The figure has doubled in the last two years. Forty per cent of these people were indigenous, and many of them were fighting to protect their forests, forests that are vital for the survival of species. What do we have to do to reclaim life? How do we assume the finitude of bodies? How do we politicise life? How do we remember we are linked to the Earth? The show being prepared by Lali Álvarez, which was initially meant to be shown during the Barcelona Grec Festival 2020, asks these questions. Some of them will be posed to you during this stroll, which, with the stage production of Life temporarily on hold, becomes a performance research process open to the public, a first step in the construction of the show that we will see in the near future.

This production is a creation by Lalí Alvarez and the Hui Basa theatre group. They had already worked together before on works such as Ragazzo, Barcelona (contra la paret), Mateix dia, mateixa hora, mateix lloc, Disseny Hug and Tha Tzpar (Lespera). They are always interested in exploring the frontier between fiction and reality, and offering critical analyses of society and politics.

A 2020 Barcelona Grec Festival and Hui Basa co-production.

Artistic card

Author and stage director: Lali Álvarez Performed by: Sonia Espinosa, Clara Garcés, Alba Sáez, David Teixidó Sound space design: Pau Matas Assistant director: Jordi Casado Production: Aina Juanet Distribution: Àngels Queralt



Discipline Theater

Dates and schedules 8 and 9 July 8 pm, 8.15 pm, 8.30 pm and 8.45 pm

Space Jardí Botànic

Duration60 min

LanguageCatalan and Spanish

Price Free entrance

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