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Societat Doctor Alonso

Plaça de Margarida Xirgu | 04/07 - 18/07

Grec Festival

In a Grec that crosses the Pacific from Oceania to America, we could not miss the cowboys who embody the good, the courage and the freedom. Look for them as you will find them in different spaces around the festival.

You will find them at the bar, shortly before the show begins, or in the queue to enter the room. In any case, perhaps if you go alone, they will come to you and give you conversation. Do not be suspicious, because they are romantic characters, old-fashioned heroes who have come to the festival to do good. They do not have a fixed location, so do not look for them: it is them who will find you, before or after the shows. They might talk to you, perform physical performances pretending they have fights or falls or they may speak in public about the various topics. And so Hoodoo Brown is a ‘conspiranoic’ who thinks that the source of all the problems in the world is the USA. Sure, geopolitics is the specialty of this cowboy who has managed to find a secret relationship between paper handkerchiefs and the International Monetary Fund. Instead, Soapy Smith looks at the more boring and daily details of everyday life in America and Europe and he is an expert in the basements of the typical American homes, where the darkest secrets are hidden. With old suits full of dust, you will find them here and there with their hats, playing the harmonica and maybe, singing old songs with new lyrics. Be welcome to the West, welcome ... to the Grec.

A production of Societat Doctor Alonso

Artistic card

Direction and dramaturgy:  Sofia Asencio and Tomàs Aragay. Idea of Tomas Aragay and Pau Faus Interpretation: Hipólito Patón, Txubio Fernández Costume: Societat Doctor Alonso Production: Imma Bové


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Discipline Hybrid scene

Dates and schedules 4 -18 July

Space Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

Duration90 min


PriceFree activity

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