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Descontrol MParental

Grec for families

Teatre Grec 04/07

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Party, party, party for younger audiences, but also for the adults accompanying them. Welcome to the big celebration for all festival audiences, an event that therapy.

This year's Grec for families includes the stellar performance from a group that not only makes songs but also creates cheerful shows with a core message.  We are talking about Xiula and Descontral MParental or, rather, a special edition of the show, because this time Xiula brings together well-known friends to tell us about parenting and family life. Are they musicians or therapists? Yes, Xiula take the beneficial effects of the work they do very seriously. Going to see them is much more effective than taking any pills, especially if you want to clear the cobwebs from your head, be they big or small, or if you urgently need a booster dose of music and good humour. The therapy they offer in this case is to remind us of the importance of family ties. Emotions and electronics go hand in hand in a musical and stage proposal that features some well-known faces, some from the world of music, such as Suu, Manu Guix, Beth Rodergas, Clara Peya, Selma Bruna, or Ivette Nadal, and others, such as those of Alba Florejachs, Jordi Coll, José Pérez, Marta Tomasa or Ivan Labanda, from the world of acting.  All these guests and more come together with the vocals, guitars, percussion, trombone and trumpet of Rikki Arjuna, Jan Garrido, Adrià Heredia, Marc Soto, David Bernal and Gisela Martínez, creators of these shows in which public participation is essential.

Come and enjoy the music of Xiula. You will have a great afternoon with the whole family!  

A No Sonores production.

Artistic card

Created and directed by: Xiula Songs and music: Xiula Musicians and educators: Rikki Arjuna, Jan Garrido, Adrià Heredia, Marc Soto, David Bernal, Gisela Martínez Produced by: Paula Granja Sound design: Aitor González Lighting design: Arnau Pardo Artistic direction: Xavi Oribe

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Discipline Music

Dates and schedules Sunday 4/7 - 19:30 H

Space Teatre Grec

Duration 80 min

Language Catalan

Price 12 €


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