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El Grec a la Plaça de Margarida Xirgu
Plaça de Margarida Xirgu

Mechanical bull

23/07 - 24/07
In this Grec Festival traveling across the Pacific towards North America, you cannot miss a specially famous landmark of the USA popular culture, a mechanical bull that imitates the convulsive...
Grec Jove
CaixaForum Barcelona

Summer Nights

24/07 - 31/07
Summer Nights (Nits d'estiu) at CaixaForum programs a selection of shows that will connect with the young and adolescent public:Conseqüències (Cia. Moveo)24 July, at 19:30 and 21 hAdmission free,...
Grec Creation
Graner, centre de creació


18/07 - 21/07
What are the common features of creators born in the nineties? You will find out in a meeting that gathers artists from all sorts of disciplines who share the same time frame and, therefore, same...
Plaça Major de Nou Barris

Concert: Sydney Conservatorium of Music Wind Symphony

Courtyard of the HQ of Nou Barris district
Considered the main Australian musical institution, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music plays a remarkable role in the country’s cultural life. Born in Sydney, the Conservatorium of Music Wind...
Grec Pro


10/07 - 14/07
A space for exchange and meeting aimed at stage professionals who are offered the possibility of exchanging knowledge and finding common ground.The 2019 Grec Festival of Barcelona space aimed at...
Grec Training
La Caldera Les Corts

Sporá programme

22/07 - 26/07
La Caldera Les Corts organises a series of meetings with creators and share their artistic interests and current work with the public and with the rest of professionals. Presently the programme...
Grec Training
Sala Beckett - Poblenou

XIV Obrador d'estiu de la Sala Beckett

07/07 - 24/07
An international meeting point for the new contemporary dramaturgy, with workshops, seminars, debates and theatrical readings.DRAMATURGY COURSES (open registration)Estirant el fil / Pulling on the...
Grec Talks

Cafè Amèrica

Catalunya Ràdio also takes part in the Grec Festival of Barcelona, this year it will be talking about North American culture and its great influence in our lives and ways of doing. The ear and the...
Grec Talks

Grec at the community civic centres: Spectacular conference

07/06 - 28/06
During the days leading up to the 2019 Grec, the community civic centres of the city host a proposal between a conference and a theatrical show signed by David Espinosa, an expert in the...
Grec Talks
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison

Shakespeare Face to Face

Review this year's Grec programme and you will find two companies, Els Pirates Teatre and Parking Shakespeare, facing the same work: The Taming of the Shrew, title of a work that is considered the...
Grec Talks
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison

Reading clubs: Paradisos oceànics

31/05 - 28/06
If you like reading, do not miss the chance of discovering what happens when a literary text jumps on stage.Some of the shows at the Grec Festival of Barcelona are based on literary texts, either...
Grec Talks
Biblioteca Francesca Bonnemaison

Reading clubs: Tan poca vida (A Little Life)

30/05 - 27/06
We will be talking about the performances available in the festival and will analyze each detail in the meetings directed by Xavier Graset at the libraries of Barcelona, at the Reading clubs, in a...

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