Republican spring: memory and a celebration of republican values

An extensive institutional and festive programme is being organised from 14 to 21 April to celebrate historical memory and the republican values of liberty, equality and fraternity. Besides the traditional wreath laying in Plaça de la República, in Nou Barris, other notable acts for the republican spring include a celebration to inaugurate the street being named after Pepe Rubianes, a republican film series, a concert at El Born CCM by Marina Rossell and more.

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Various information pedestals and plaques are to be unveiled around different spots in the city, devoted to the historical memory of people, events and sites relevant to republican values. They include elements referring to the trade unionist Ángel Pestaña, President Lluís Companys, the Cinc d’Oros bookshop and the Trinitat Nova women’s prison. Also, at the monument to the International Brigades in Horta-Guinardó, the original text has been reinstated, saluting the troops from all over the world who fought on the republican side, pronounced by Dolores Ibárruri Gómez and known as La Pasionaria.

Pepe Rubianes

A popular celebration is in store at 11am on Sunday 15 April, culminating the long process by the street naming commission to name a street after Pepe Rubianes in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, where he lived. The act will be held where the street (formerly C/ Almirall Cervera) meets Barceloneta beach, and involves friends and relatives of the Galician Catalan actor and comic, along with music by Joan Manuel Serrat and Eric Vinaixa.

Festive programme

The evening of 21 April sees a show and a concert at El Born CCM to mark the 87th anniversary of the Second Republic, with songs by Marina Rossell and artistic recreations of texts written by Victor Català, Mercè Rodoreda, Maria Aurèlia Capmany and Montserrat Roig. The actress Sílvia Bel will be providing the voice for the texts, accompanied by dancers choreographed by Ramon Oller.

The show, entitled Dones i Segona República. Commemoració del 87è aniversari de la II República, is part of the exhibition “Montserrat Roig 1977. Memòria i utopia”. Another concert is being organised on the esplanade, featuring Pony Bravo and Rocío Márquez.

A new republican film series is also being organised for the first time at the Sala Apolo, starting on Tuesday 17 April with a screening of El pianistsa, an adaptation by Mario Gas of the novel by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.


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