‘Let’s share Barcelona’, the campaign for living side by side respectfully

Summer brings hot weather and local festivals, with people taking to the streets and squares in the city’s neighbourhoods. It’s a time when it’s as important as ever that people get on with one another. It’s with this in mind that the ‘Let’s share Barcelona’ campaign has been launched, promoting the right to enjoy the city while respecting the way others enjoy it.

14/06/2018 17:36 h


This year’s campaign focuses on various themes, such as beaches, cleanliness, noise in the streets, neighbourhood festivals, respect for others and the use of public space all around the city. The aim is to show that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after the city, ensuring all Barcelona residents can enjoy the spaces they share.

Coexistence of four artistic styles

The campaign offers a cross-cutting approach to each of the themes addressed. This multi-angled perspective is provided by four teams of illustrators, contributing their art, with different styles expressing diversity and which enable the campaign to run without becoming repetitive for the public.

The illustrations referring to the beaches show the adventures of Homo Beach, a being who has evolved into somebody who respects the seafront environment and values the well-being of those he shares it with. The chosen author is Javi Royo, a specialist in wit who delivers a direct message via simple sketching, using black and white to contrast with people’s colourful concept of summer and the beach.

The fresh and offhand style of the illustrators Cachetejack transport us to neighbourhood festivals, with local residents taking to the streets and activities filling days and public spaces. The season for local festivals needs people to get along together and the society depicted by Cachetejack conveys delicate messages with strong and assertive touches. This is achieved through urban language and illustrations using a combination of colours.

Juanjo Sáez is a critical author with a highly personal style, the perfect illustrator for breaking away from traditional conventions and appealing to the public in relation to cleanliness. His pieces are direct and offhand, the combination of illustration and text giving them meaning and resulting in a communication which lays no guilt trips or blame at the door of local residents, but rather promotes the acquisition of good habits a as way of getting on with and respecting others.

The elegant and serious style of Miguel Montaner conveys clear and direct messages in relation to daily coexistence: taking out the rubbish at the right time of day, looking after urban furniture and enjoying one’s liberty without infringing on other people’s. The highly conceptual illustrations which result from this approach offer various messages in a single image, an easily understandable resource to transmit to the public.

The diversity of styles and messages are linked together with the icon #B, created by the designer Andrés Requena and serving as a common element for people to identify the campaign during the year it will run. Laura Tatché was responsible for the texts relating to the different themes addressed.


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