2019 Gracia Festival more inclusive, more family and more female

This year’s Gràcia Festival has attracted large numbers of people to its 1,214 activities, especially those in the day, and to the 24 streets that have taken part in the decorations competition.

22/08/2019 14:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This year the first prize has gone to Carrer del Progrés, with “Harry Progrés i els 80 guarnits”, based on the imaginary world of the teenage magician.

“The Library five minutes after midnight”, Carrer de Mozart, picked up the second while Tavessia de Sant Antoni completed the podium with “The Travesseda route”.

People with functional diversity more visible

This year’s festival programme contained more than 60 inclusive activities, with all places taken in many cases, and seven streets adopted measures for people with disabilities, such as explications in sign language or information in Braille.

What’s more, the opening speech was given by four members of the basketball team ACIDH-Lluïsos de Gràcia with learning difficulties, and for the first time there was a prize for most accessible decorated street, won by Travessia de Sant Antoni.

In Gràcia only yes is yes

The Festa Major de Gràcia demonstrated that it rejects any kind of sexual aggression with a rally after a city woman was attacked in the early hours when she was returning home from the festival.

The anti-sexism information point has featured again and, together with mobile patrols, has carried out over 2,000 actions.

  • Awareness-raising: 2,536
  • Advice: 21
  • Interventions: 22

Solidarity with Carrer de la Llibertat

The festival and local residents also condemned and showed their rejection of the vandalism on Carrer de la Llibertat on 18 August, which led to a fire at the entrance to the street. The fire damaged decorations and the facade of one of the residential buildings.

A more sustainable festival

Throughout the seven days of the festival there have been extra staff on all shifts of the cleaning service, which has collected 57.2 tonnes of waste on the streets, and extra toilets and litter bins were also put up round the neigbourhood.

The use of reusable glasses is now established, thus avoiding the use of 800,000 single-use units and 4,000 kilograms of plastic. In addition, double the amount of glass has been recycled, with a total of 1.76 tonnes.

You can consult all the information on the Festa Major de Gràcia on the website https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/gracia/ca/el-districte-i-els-seus-barris/la-vila-de-gracia/festa-major.

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