32,000 square metres of greenery from Poblenou to the Besòs

Carrer Cristóbal de Moura is to be transformed with extra vegetation and traffic calming measures. The amount of public space given over to use by vehicles and pedestrians will be reversed, transforming this 1.27 km long street between the Parc del Centre del Poblenou and Rambla del Prim. The project means 32,000 square metres of new greenery for the Sant Martí district.

20/11/2017 13:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The transformation of C/ Cristóbal de Moura is another step towards making Barcelona a healthier city, this time in the 22@ area, where a participatory process is under way among local residents to decide on its future. The model to be used as a starting point for this area of the city revolves around economic activity, public housing and healthy green surroundings offering quality and continuity. Examples of this can be found in the transformation of C/ Pere IV, the purchase of La Escocesa and the renovation of the old Ca l’Alier factory.

A street-garden

The future C/ Cristóbal de Moura will maintain its 3.5 metre wide pavements and two lanes of traffic, where calmed traffic, services and bicycles will coexist. Along the middle there will be a green space over 26 metres wide, acting as a linear garden with up to 32,000 square metres of space linking the Parc del Centre del Poblenou and the Rambla del Prim, right by another major green space in the area, the Parc del Besòs de Sant Adrià.

The first section to be transformed, already approved by the municipal government, will be the stretch between C/ Fluvià and C/ Provençals, around the Ca l’Alier factory. Work gets under way in January 2018 and will last 14 months. This section alone will create 3,500 square metres of green spaces, although the work will cover 17,000 square metres in all, tying in with the renovation work at the old factory to turn it into an innovation centre for technology SMEs. The Ca l’Alier centre will become a reality when the work starts in C/ Cristóbal de Moura, with urbanisation work being done at the same time in the green areas around the same block where the future business facility is located.

The initial work has already been budgeted for and implies an investment of 7 million euros.


The social fabric of the neighbourhoods which C/ Cristóbal de Moura runs through, Provençals del Poblenou and El Besòs, as well as the district of Sant Martí, will all help configue the rest of the transformation. The idea is to set up a working group with local representatives and organisations to plan approaches and uses along the first sections between C/ Fluvià and C/ Provençals, as well as the rest of the street as far as Rambla del Prim.