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Barcelona has got a positive and consolidated image all over the world. The opinions gathered in the study ‘Barcelona in the eyes of the world 2018’ highlight the city as a good place to set up in due to its welcoming character and the opportunities it offers in terms of investment, business and capturing qualified talent. Compared to the results from the first edition in 2011, the city has diversified and boosted its attractiveness and the values linking it to creativity and innovation, rather than simply being a tourist destination.

15/01/2019 17:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Renowned for its strength in commerce, tourism and events organisation, the city has experienced notable growth in fields such as technology, biomedicine and the digital sector. The city lives up to the expectations of people who visit it, who take vibrant experiences away with them. City residents display a pride in their city, particularly its cosmopolitan, welcoming and solidarity character.

Some 45% of those surveyed find no negative aspects and those that do cite common issues which affect large international cities, such as high prices, mass tourism and petty crime.

The study is part of the project to renew the city’s branding narrative, developed in collaboration with various economic, social and institutional stakeholders from the city and the metropolitan area, with the results to be presented in the next few weeks.

The report is based on the opinions of over 3,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65 from different countries in Europe, North America, China and Japan who have travelled abroad in the last two years, people visiting Barcelona for professional reasons, people who have been residing in the city for more than a year, international journalists, business people and foreign businesses, as well as city branding experts.

A qualitative analysis was also made of 240,000 online conversations on Twitter about the cities of Barcelona, Amsterdam, Singapore and Miami.


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