A pedestrian avenue at the former barracks in Sant Andreu

The new Rambla de Marta Mata is a continuation of the Parc d’Antoni Santiburcio, connecting different streets and facilities in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu. The avenue offers a space of over 12,000 square metres for people to stroll, socialise and spend time in, with over 2,700 square metres of green areas.

24/04/2021 10:31 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Located in the north of the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu, where the former barracks stood, the Rambla de Marta Mata is a continuation of the Parc d’Antoni Santiburcio, connecting Pg. Santa Coloma and C/ Palomar, and in perpendicular, Pg. Torres i Bages and C/ Fernando Pessoa.

The avenue offers local people a large area to walk and socialise in, with 12,450 square metres of space. Various modifications have been made to ramps, steps and paving to make the area more accessible. The street features 2,700 square metres of green spaces, a play area for children under five, urban furniture, LED lighting and two springs with drinking water.

The revamp to the area where the barracks stood moves forward with this new avenue and the construction of 152 homes for the elderly and the Jaume Oller youth centre. Housing with social rents for young people is also due to be built here, along with a nursery school.

Homage to the educator and co-founder of Rosa Sensat, Marta Mata

The new Rambla de Sant Andreu bears the name of one of the leading figures in recent Catalan education, the educator Marta Mata. Co-founder of the teachers’ association Rosa Sensat, Mata combined her work as an educator and teacher trainer with political activism, as a parliamentarian and senator in the Spanish parliament, the Chair of the National School Council and, later, between 1987 and 1990, as the Councillor for Education with Barcelona City Council.


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