A subsidy plan with 288 euros through to 2023

The Strategic Subsidy Plan 2021-2023, approved by the Government Commission, paves the way for subsidy calls worth a total of 288 million euros, with 96 million a year earmarked to co-fund projects identified by the strategic goals in the plan. Transparency, planning relating to subsidy areas and the quantities involved will all allow for potential beneficiaries to plan better.

25/07/2021 10:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The plan is based around seven strategic goals, with sixtyr lines of subsidies to:

  • Guarantee people’s basic rights. Fostering the autonomy, protection and inclusion of dependent people, those at risk of social exclusion o being unprotected: 92.6 million euros, with 21 lines of subsidies.
  • Help protect the environment and foster sustainability. With nearly 7.5 million euros and 6 lines of subsidies.
  • Promote the commercial, business, tourist and social economy. 9 lines of subsidies, worth over 32 million euros in all.
  • Develop people’s rights and duties relating to civil behaviour and coexistence. 6 lines of subsidies, worth nearly 35 million euros in all.
  • Foster education, culture and sport. 107 million euros, with 11 lines of subsidies.
  • Drive citizen participation, associations and community networks. 7 lines of subsidies, worth 14.2 million euros.
  • Promote transparency in the awarding of subsidies, reducing direct awards in favour of competitive subsidy procedures.

The maximum amount to be subsidised will be 50% of the cost of the project in all subsidy lines, although this amount may be higher where duly indicated and justified.

Various subsidies will be awarded via a competitive procedure, comparing the applications made so that an order of preference can be established.

Direct subsidies will be exceptional, limited to those nominally envisaged in the budget, those determined by a legal order and others accrediting purposes in the public, social, economic or humanitarian interest, or which by their nature make public competitions difficult.

A monitoring commission will be established to assess the degree of compliance with the plan.


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