Barcelona against property speculation

Property speculation attacks the very essence of our neighbourhoods and drives out local residents. To combat this, regulations are needed which protect commercial diversity in local streets and prevent flats from being investment assets in the hands of vulture funds and the tourist industry. We’re promoting a reasonable balance of commerce in neighbourhoods with the highest density of tourism and limiting licences for tourist flats in the city centre. To save people from having to leave their neighbourhoods on economic grounds we’re building over 4,600 new public flats, more than ever, and we’ve established that 30% of all new homes built by private constructors must be used for affordable housing.

  • Agreement to allocate 30% of all new homes as protected housing

    The measure was put forward by the city’s social network and should create 330 affordable flats every year.

  • Six plans to reduce economic inequalities between districts

    Twenty-eight million euros has been invested this year in economic development plans for six city districts.

  • Fines to combat property mobbing

    Until now, no local council has countered this bad practice using the legal means offered by the Catalan law on the right to housing from 2007.

  • Cities for Adequate Housing: a global alliance for the right to housing

    The Mayor, Ada Colau, presented the declaration by municipal governments at the UN headquarters in New York.