Housing is a right, the cornerstone for a dignified life. Having an adequate and dignified flat to live in is a primary need and not an asset to be used for property speculation. Guaranteeing access is therefore also a priority for public policies. We’re building more public housing than ever, with over 4,600 flats and 66 new buildings, as well as establishing that 30% of new privately built homes are used for affordable housing. We’re defending tenants’ rights from market abuse, providing renovation grants for flats in poor repair and mediating in eviction cases. Over 2,300 families at risk of losing their homes received help in 2017.

  • Agreement to allocate 30% of all new homes as protected housing

    The measure was put forward by the city’s social network and should create 330 affordable flats every year.

  • Defending tenants’ rights

    Property owners will have to guarantee temporary accommodation and the return of tenants in order to get planning permission for building renovation work.

  • Temporary local housing to combat gentrification

    A temporary solution to extend the city’s public housing stock by industrial manufacturing.

  • Home evictions drop as more support is given to high risks cases

    The UCER provided support for 2,351 new families at risk of residential exclusion in 2017.

  • Renovation grants for highly complex properties

    The initiative by the Neighbourhood Plan will benefit around nine hundred homes.

  • New housing renovation grants with measures to protect tenants

    The new requisites for accessing grants condition rental costs and take the most vulnerable communities into consideration.