Neighbourhood Plan

Barcelona is made up of 73 neighbourhoods and over a million and a half people. We’re a unique city, but indicators show there are serious inequalities between neighbourhoods. Because of this, investment must be made in the areas which need it most. The Neighbourhood Plan has invested 150 million euros in the 16 most vulnerable neighbourhoods in the city. Input from local people has been essential: they’ve pointed out the needs of their neighbourhoods and helped get projects off the ground. There have improvements in all spheres: education, employment, home renovations, public space, new facilities for local people and more.

  • There’s no Barcelona without the neighbourhoods

    The Neighbourhood Plan is a programme to resolve inequalities between the city’s neighbourhoods.

  • Final stage of the urban transformation of the sixteen neighbourhoods most in need

    This year will see 87 million euros spent on 73 different projects.

  • Renovation grants for highly complex properties

    The initiative by the Neighbourhood Plan will benefit around nine hundred homes.

  • Popular history in the neighbourhoods is Barcelona’s history

    Thirty projects are under way to regain popular memory relating to local struggles, movements and everyday accounts explaining city transformations.

  • Sixteen neighbourhoods, a thousand cities

    A photography exhibition at the Borsi building brings together various visions of the sixteen neighbourhoods covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.

  • Local residents to put the old Can Soler country house to new uses

    The Neighbourhood Plan sets out action for urban renewal, education and social rights in Sant Genís dels Agudells and La Teixonera.

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Neighbourhood Plan