Acts to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Hipercor terrorist attack

It’s thirty years since the terrorist attack at the Hipercor shopping centre by the ETA cell in Barcelona and a series of initiatives have been planned to remember the victims. On 17 June there will be a memorial act at the Can Dragó sports park and as from December an exhibition at the Fabra i Coats art factory will cover the facts and the historical context for the attack. The idea and content for the acts is the result of meetings between the Commissioner for Memory Programmes and nearly all of the victims’ families.

19/05/2017 14:45 h


The Commissioner for Memory Programmes, Ricard Vinyes, explained: “The central idea behind the commemoration is that the attack was against all citizens”, and because of this there will be “a city act devoted to the victims, the families of those who died and those who were injured”.

Over the last few months Vinyes has met each of the families of those who died so that their experience and feelings are present in the commemoration, representing those who suffered the attack first-hand and also offering them the support of the city and recognising the shortcomings of institutions over the years.

The act on 17 June will unveil a plaque at the monument Tall Irregular Progression, a work by the North American artist Sol Le Witt which remembers the 21 people who died in the attack, as well as an information pedestal about the attack in front of the store in Av. Meridiana. The artistic work Memorial a les victims de l’atemptat d’Hipercor, by the playwright Àngels Aymar, is intended to be an evocative act, accompanied by a wreath for the victims, encouraging citizens to identify with them.

The exhibition, curated by the journalist Francesc Valls, will be on from December 2017 and aims to outline the political and social context for the attack, as well as conveying the emptiness and lack of support experienced by the victims and their families over the last thirty years.


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