17A City of Peace

Barcelona is a city of peace, which reacted to the attack on 17 August 2017 in a united, diverse and welcoming manner. We’re a city which condemns violence, and which more than anything, when faced with hate speech, chooses fraternity and diversity. On that 17 August, emergency and health personnel and shopkeepers on La Rambla played a key role during the most daunting moments. A reaction which deserved recognition from the public and from the city. At the same time, in order to preserve collective memory, we’ve catalogued the displays of condolence and tributes left by thousands of people in La Rambla.

  • I'm not afraid: minute's silence after the terrorist attack

    100,000 people have come out on the streets to shout "I’m not afraid", a massive response by local people.

  • Book of condolence for attack victims

    Everyone can sign the Book of Condolence at City Hall for the victims of the attack from Saturday, 19 August, to Friday 25, between 10 am and 8 pm.

  • Victims of the attack on La Rambla to get legal support

    The UAVAT will get municipal support and resources to provide care and advice for those affected.

  • An open and solidarity city of peace

    The first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Barcelona and Cambrils are commemorated in a ceremony of remembrance of and tribute to victims and family members

  • La Rambla Memorial 17A: remembering citizen solidarity

    Following the attack in Barcelona, the city avenue filled with flowers and other displays of mourning and support. These were catalogued by the team at the Municipal Archives and published together on a website.

  • Homage to commerce in La Rambla

    An act was held in recognition of courage and generosity shown by commercial establishments and workers on the afternoon of 17 August.