Economy and Innovation

A prosperous Barcelona is one where everybody can live and work with dignity. A city where economic activity focuses on people’s needs and on improving quality of life. We’re rethinking economic development in the neighbourhoods in this direction. We’re fighting unemployment and job insecurity, promoting quality employment and working for a fairer and more redistributive city, where technological innovation generates well-being. We’re backing a new way of promoting the economy, based on a social, collaborative and local model, with goals which go beyond economic benefits.

  • Six plans to reduce economic inequalities between districts

    Twenty-eight million euros has been invested this year in economic development plans for six city districts.

  • Major city agreement to boost science

    The Barcelona Science Plan increases municipal investment to 2.4 million euros for innovation and research projects run in the city and the metropolitan area.

  • Smart City Week: challenges and opportunities for smart cities

    Over forty activities open to the public will fill the neighbourhoods to reflect on how new technologies transform our daily lives.

  • Boosting science and technology vocations among girls in the city

    The initiative Girls for a Change aims to bridge the digital gender divide and promote equal opportunities.

  • Barcelona to lead the way for future mobility

    The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has chosen the project headed by the Catalan capital to become one of its innovation communities.

  • InnoBA, the new centre for the social economy

    Can Jaumeandreu is the first business incubator specialising in SSE projects.