Public Leadership

The City Council is strengthening transparency and participation mechanisms, at the same time enhancing municipal services. Everyone in Barcelona can promote public consultations and have an influence on city governance, while tools such as the Transparency Office and the Ethical Mailbox improve control over municipal action. Municipal staffing levels have also been boosted to improve public services, with more public jobs also now opened up. Municipalisation is also replacing private contracts for basic services such as nursery schooling and energy, with the creation of Barcelona Energia, the public and metropolitan energy distributor.

  • More public participation for a stronger democracy

    The full council session approves new regulations on citizen participation, putting people at the heart of the City Council’s decision-making processes.

  • Questions for the public multi-consultation approved

    The full council meeting finally approved the move to consult public opinion on the management of water and the name change for Plaça d’Antonio López.

  • More public jobs to improve public services

    Approval for 1,911 new public sector jobs, enabling greater stability within the municipal workforce and mainly meaning a boost for the fields of education and social care.

  • Barcelona Energia opens up to the general public

    The metropolitan energy operator will be able to provide electricity for 20,000 homes.

  • The bridge between citizens and the City Council

    The Ombudpserson defends citizens’ basic rights and freedoms

  • Can Batlló to house the city’s historical memory

    The central building in the Can Batlló complex will house the Barcelona Municipal Archives, bringing together the documents from the 21 municipal archives around the city.

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Public Leadership