Urban Transformation

Barcelona is winning back space from cars so that local residents can make it their own, spend time there and play there, filling the streets with life. The work being done in the city today is all geared towards this, from major projects such as the superblocks and the remodelling project in Glòries to more minor work, with wider pavements in streets in all city districts. New facilities also mean more space for community life. La Model will address the deficit in local facilities and public housing in L’Eixample, while Vil•la Urània, in El Farró, has been re-born as a community centre and children’s facility, and Ca l’Alier, in Poblenou, is now an urban innovation centre.

  • More habitable public spaces through reforms to 140 streets and squares

    Ninety-three percent of the work provided for under the Comprehensive Public Spaces Redevelopment Plan has either been completed or is under way.

  • Parc de les Glòries opens

    The new park has over 20,400 square metres of greenery and more than 400 trees, a children’s play area with a synthetic rubber slope and giant slides, a sports and recreation area for young people, the Rambla dels Encants and a dog area.

  • The doors of La Model open, never to be closed again

    The former prison is to be transformed into a space for public use, with a stable programme of activities.

  • The new Rambla, a transformation at the service of people

    The transformation project, put together with input from organisations and local residents, seeks to revamp La Rambla through cultural, socio-economic and planning measures.

  • The new Sant Antoni superblock regains 5,000 square metres for use by local residents

    The junction between C/ Compte Borrell and C/ Tamarit has been transformed into a traffic-calmed square with more recreational and meeting spaces, as well as more greenery.

  • Glòries is greenward bound

    Work resumes to turn the future Parc de les Glòries into a new central space for local residents and a green lung for the city. Work on the road tunnels to carry traffic from the Gran Via is also under way again.