Agreement to streamline procedures for businesses

Barcelona Activa is to collaborate with the Catalan Association of Business Managers to offer information and access to specialised business management and advisory services. The initiative is aimed at city businesses which need to restructure, borrow money or close down and conduct unusual or complex institutional procedures for the first time given the crisis caused by Covid-19.

16/10/2020 12:25 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

There are three types of services being promoted by this agreement and offered by the Business Support Office:

Support for fledgling or brand-new companies with their labour, tax and basic administrative obligations, with an emphasis on newly registered persons or entities and the constitution of companies which need their administrative procedures defined. One of the first needs for new companies is precisely to find a business management agency.

Advice with second-opportunity processes, liquidation procedures and the orderly closing down of activities, for companies and the self-employed in crisis, with problems making payments or in the context of insolvency.

Support for business landing and international investment relating to the creation of subsidiary companies or tax affairs for foreign companies wishing to set up in Barcelona.

There are currently more than 600 associated business professionals with the Catalan Association of Business Managers, providing advisory services for companies and the self-employed in the city and the province.

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