Agreement with the Catalan government to rebalance investment in education infrastructures

The Government of Catalonia has pledged to make a special investment of 52 million euros over the next seven year for the renovation, spatial organisation and improvement of the city’s education centres, to include nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools and further education centres. The agreement represents a first step in easing the disproportionate funding burden borne so far by the City Council.

21/10/2020 19:39 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The special funding combines with the usual minimum annual funding by the City Council of 15 million euros and the 3.5 million euros provided by the Government of Catalonia, executed through the Barcelona Education Consortium.

The renovation work, spatial organisation and improvements include painting, the renovation of façades, rooftops and paving, improvements to sanitisation systems, water and heating, the renovation of toilets and the creation of more space according to the needs of the schools.

Rebalancing investment

In recent years, investment in education infrastructures has dropped disproportionately compared to the municipal contribution: between 2016 and 2019, some 88% of funding for renovations and improvements at education centres came out of the municipal coffers (86.6 million euros), while the Government of Catalonia contributed just 12% (11.8 million euros).

The new agreement means the City Council will be contributing 57.65% of funding, while the Catalan government’s contribution will rise to 42.15%.

The commitment represents a first step towards the goal of the Education Consortium which is that the Government of Catalonia should provide 60% of funding and the City Council the remaining 40%.


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