Agreement with trade unions and business associations for new labour mobility

The ‘New labour mobility pact for Barcelona’ is an agreement reached with the main economic associations and trade union organisations in the city, based on the commitment to work together towards safer, more efficient and sustainable travel to and from work in the city and the metropolitan area.

05/10/2020 14:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The basic principles for the agreement, signed with the business federation Foment del Treball, the SME organisation PIMEC and the trade unions CCOO and UGT, are: health, quality of life and work-life balance, sustainability, environmental quality, public-private collaboration, competitiveness, productivity and corporate social and environmental co-responsibility.

The main goal of the pact is to reduce congestion and its negative consequences, such as pollution, loss of time, money and health, with measures linked to:

  • Company commuting plans.
  • Promotion and improvement of teleworking options.
  • Flexible working hours to avoid rush hours on public transport and congestion from private transport.
  • Promotion of time reform and action in the sphere of time use.

Work will also be done to:

  • Contribute to the social and economic reactivation of the city.
  • Help to recover and improve public transport as a central aspect of commuter travel, improving services available and smoothing out peaks in demand during rush hours.
  • Incentivise commuter travel on foot, by bike and with other forms of active mobility.
  • Contribute to citizen awareness and co-responsibility regarding the impact of mobility on our surroundings and the need for a sustainable, efficient and multi-mode model for work-related travel.

To achieve these goals, a coordination and monitoring board will be set up for the pact, along with a municipal office for coordination, advice and resources.


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