Alliance to attract quality French tourism

Barcelona and Seville join forces to promote themselves to the French market with an initiative aimed at specialist travel agents and holiday operators looking to reactivate the tourist economy, severely affected by the pandemic.

10/06/2021 16:59 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

A delegation from promotional bodies in both cities are to travel to Paris next week with the aim of giving visibility to the two destinations through a single narrative based on various common points.

The initiative is targeting a visitor which is respectful towards their destination, interested in culture and has a high level of spending power and return rate, such as the French. Some 12% of foreign visitors to Barcelona are actually from France, a figure which has been rising since 2019.

A journey through five concepts

The promotional initiative by the two destinations will be presented before sixty specialised travel agents and tourist operators, proposing a route around architecture, gastronomy, fashion, literature and sustainability. With architecture, for instance, there is an explanation of how architects such as Aníbal González and Antoni Gaudí used ceramic tiles as decorative elements in their work, while in literature the common denominator is the Andalusian poet Antonio Machado, his relationship with Catalonia and his exile in France.

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