An agreement to consolidate Barcelona as an international digital city

Barcelona City Council and Fira de Barcelona have formed an alliance to work together on international promotional strategy, profiling the way the city is backing the digital economy, the attraction of technology companies and the drive for an innovative ecosystem. The alliance will help strengthen Barcelona as a business hub for technology and promote the ‘Barcelona, Digital City 2017-2020’ plan.

07/06/2017 16:02 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The collaboration agreement will see Fira de Barcelona promoting the relationship Barcelona has with the world’s most important cities, particularly New York, when it comes to innovation, technology and enterprise. The aim is to promote technology projects for digital economies and the search for investors.

The alliance will strengthen Barcelona as a business and technology hub and help the effects of events such as the Smart City Expo World Congress to last beyond the dates of international fairs, with year-round benefits.

The new agreement was signed by the General Manager of Fira de Barcelona, Constantí Serralonga, and the Chair of the Municipal IT Institute (IMI) and First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello. The latter stressed that the collaboration will facilitate the international profile of the ‘Barcelona, Digital City 2017-2020’ plan, promoted by the municipal government in its drive for a more diverse digital economy and a new model of urban innovation.