An app to help guide the visually impaired on public transport

The main stops on the L9 Sud metro line, bus stops along the H12 route and those in Plaça d’Espanya are to have interactive tags with service information and place descriptions. The tags are part of a pilot scheme by TMB to improve accessibility and the autonomy of the visually impaired when using public transport in the city.

21/02/2018 18:30 h


The move towards a more equal mobility model which ensures universal accessibility to public transport is one of the main pillars of the Urban Mobility Plan 2013-2018.

Working to achieve this goal, TMB has started a pilot scheme at nine stations along the L9 Sud metro line, 67 bus stops on the H12 route and a further 15 in Pl. Espanya using the NaviLens app, which helps guide the visually impaired and boost their autonomy.

The system offers audio information about stops, routes, waiting times and disruptions or changes to services. In the case of metro stops, it also includes a description of access points, foyers, stairs, lifts and platforms.

Using the service is a simple matter of downloading and installing the free app, available for all devices.

Easily found tags

The new NaviLens technology uses new types of coloured QR codes, known as ddTags, which can be read while moving, at a distance and from different angles, meaning there is no need to focus the mobile camera precisely.

The app also gives users voice directions to enable them to roughly locate the tags.



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